Freelance Audience Engagement/Marketing Consultant

Fallen Angels Dance Theatre is seeking a Freelance Audience Engagement/Marketing Consultant                        

We want to engage a specialist in audience engagement and marketing to provide the company with a comprehensive audience development strategy and to implement the initial recommendations. The consultant will work with us to provide a baseline for data collection, provide data capture analysis against which we can measure growth and deliver a realistic audience development plan that makes recommendations on how we should grow and sustain our audiences.

The plan should consider how we develop loyalty in existing audiences and build new ones. The approach should combine practical suggestions on combining programming, marketing and education/participation in audience development.

The consultant will work with us to identify up to 6 audience development priorities and set SMART objectives to achieve these. They will also be responsible for implementing the immediate term recommendations.

Deadline for applications: 5pm, Thursday 30th April

For more information, download the brief: 

Job Brief (PDF) opens in a new window

Equal Opps form (PDF) opens in a new window

Please note: FADT want to support freelancers to continue to work as much as they can at such an uncertain time. We respect the need for social distancing so we will be video-interviewing, we will negotiate the start date with the successful candidate based on current Covid-19 advice at the time of appointment.


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