Kate Flatt, Artistic Director, Kate Flatt Projects

“Paul Bayes Kitcher creates the work for Fallen Angels with enormous conviction, and a disciplined, heartfelt approach to the performers. The members of the company come from diverse backgrounds and the work is unique in how it addresses the personal histories of recovery. I have spent time in rehearsals, seeing the challenges of representing addiction, both moved and excited watching Paul lead the performers and see his working process unfold. The performance outcome created by this unique participant group with professionals is a skillfully negotiated process, both delicate and challenging and crucially fully shared by all. Paul enables through his empathy, shared insights and within an atmosphere of possibility – juxtaposed with the darker edge of the recovery journey. This unique work offers hope to participants and audiences alike with undoubted wide-reaching positive benefits.”


Alex Clifton, Artistic Director, Storyhouse

“We are hugely proud to give Fallen Angels a home and be a small part of their phenomenal work by providing creative and business support and resources. Their work is of the highest calibre, their
impact on lives life-changing and their approach embedded with unmatched integrity. Storyhouse wants to grow this partnership more and more.”


Kevin O’Hare, Artistic Director, Royal Ballet

“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to support Fallen Angels Dance Theatre through our ROH Links programme. We plan to sustain our relationship, in order to shine a light on the quality of their artistic work and the difference they make for people in recovery from addiction.”


Hannah Rudd, Dancer, Rambert

“To witness a company with such integrity behind both Dance and recovery was astounding. Paul and his team have managed to create an umbrella of different groups, companies and projects that all centre around the vitality of Dance and Dance through recovery. The ambition, commitment and compassion of this company is truly incredible. It is a testament to Paul’s own bravery and trust in his journey, that has opened up new and vital opportunities for those in recovery and those affected by addiction – as well as creating engaging and impacting Dance theatre in its own right. I am honored to be working with Paul and Fallen Angels, I know that artistically, mentally and emotionally I will be challenged, and I believe great challenge makes great art.”


Simon Antrobus: Former CEO AddAction (now called We Are With You)

“There is nothing more important than being able to express ourselves creatively – no matter who we are. All too often this can be overlooked when it comes to addiction. When a person’s life is overtaken by drugs and alcohol we rightly focus on effective treatment which can help people to recover, regain control of their lives and reconnect them with family and friends. But treatment is only the beginning, sustained recovery requires engagement with what it means to express ourselves positively with those around us. Having spent time with Paul and the members of Fallen Angels I am convinced that dance can do just that. Fallen Angels enables those whose voices were unheard to speak out loud and express themselves through dance – nothing could be more
important than that and Fallen Angels do it brilliantly.”


Andy Watson MBE, CEO/Artistic Director, Geese Theatre

“Paul Bayes Kitcher, Artistic Director of Fallen Angels Dance Theatre, has been a regular contributor to Geese Theatre Company’s ‘Staging Recovery Ensemble’ over the past 4 years. ‘Staging Recovery’ is comprised of individuals with a range of complex needs, including experiences of addiction, homelessness, criminal justice, and ill mental health. It is always an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Paul and Fallen Angels – his approach complements and augments the work of Geese perfectly.
His authenticity combined with his obvious skills as a dance practitioner and choreographer allow  him to sensitively encourage the ensemble members to push themselves to create work of astonishing quality and honesty.”


Participant, Liverpool Group

“This is me – meeting a challenge of getting out the house and including myself in something different and fighting really the mental health condition I have got, I have Bipolar Disorder, and continuing the recovery I have started.”


Lord Lieutenant David Briggs, MBE, K St J, The Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire

“Their vision is to provide high quality dance theatre experiences for people in recovery from addiction where they are accepted, valued and their potential is realized…The charity provides social inclusion for those who are excluded, whether for economic, or social reasons it doesn’t matter, those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are really supported and inspired to make positive life choices…I know it works, through the Cheshire West poverty truth commission I got to know Kelly one of our community inspirers. Her comments were very apt: “when I came to Fallen Angels I wore many masks, today because of fallen angels I am able to lower those masks and be myself.” .


Participant, Liverpool Group

“This is me – meeting a challenge of getting out the house and including myself in something different and fighting really the mental health condition I have got, I have Bipolar Disorder, and continuing the recovery I have started.”


Jo, Recovery Dancer

“When I came into recovery the idea of sharing my story seemed completely pointless to me, how could sharing my thoughts and feelings honestly in all their depth and detail help me stop drinking and taking drugs? I wanted a quick, hard, fast solution and sharing my story just seemed too fuzzy and futile…Where Fallen Angels differs from other peer support groups and talking therapies is that the parts of my story I can’t put into words can actually be conveyed through movement…I find it really difficult to express the pain and torture of active addiction through words… dance helps to tease out these knots and the experience of active addiction, not only helping non addicts understand addiction, but also helping me understand and make sense of my own story…What’s so amazing about Fallen Angels, is that through movement, Paul Bayes-Kitcher has been able to take our inner experiences and choreograph them into something that no longer has to be hidden. This has given me a way of sharing who I am with others rather than hiding my addiction and feeling ashamed…Dance has definitely made me feel more confident about who I am and has made sharing my experience with non-addicts a million times easier.


David Mead, Seeing Dance

Acts of Recovery certainly gives a deeper insight in what is an inspiring, moving and often thought-provoking evening that lays bare the vulnerability of people. Not many evenings in the theatre leave such a deep impression. I found myself lost totally in the real lives being laid bare on stage as their stories unfolded, and in the excellent dance and dance theatre. Acts of Recovery is a unique evening, the likes of which I haven’t experienced for a very long time, if ever. If you need any proof that dance can play a major role in recovery, release traps and open doors, look no further. Acts of Recovery was an evening in which the message is, in many ways, more important than the dance, but let’s not let that disguise the fact that it was an hour or so in which the super and versatile cast gave us some excellent dance theatre too.


Mel Davies, Science Gallery London, 2018

“A HUGE thank you for bringing Acts of Addiction to Science Gallery and participating in the Q&A. It was a moving and powerful event, and I think really connected to the audiences. Lots of people commented that the event made them feel engaged, inspired and motivated, and when asked what made them feel this way, responded with comments such as:

‘powerful stories of addiction told effectively though dance’ ‘very emotive piece, and the panel at the end was a great and powerful addition’ ‘had never experienced something like this before’

‘I’m always intrigued by others’ experience of life/their realities. It resonated as I’ve used drugs, though not become an addict as such – I can understand the pull/push/fear etc. Fallen Angels – we need more of these organisations’


Sue Davies, Chair FADT

“The decision to become a trustee for Fallen Angels Dance Theatre was based on my desire to engage with an authentic artistic organisation whose ethos is grounded in a grass roots approach. They are representative of the people they work with and serve, and demonstrate passion, commitment and talent for social inclusion”

CPD workshop “Together While Apart” at Rubicon Dance:

14th & 15th July 2020

Led by Paul Bayes Kitcher and Claire Morris 


What the dance artists said:

I would just like to thank Paul and Claire for an emotive and powerful CPD session yesterday. The dynamic between the two is unique and truly engaging. Both Paul and Claire oozed empathy which allowed me to feel safe in being vulnerable and releasing the need for control and perfectionism during the movement improvisations. I am someone living with mental illness and a big part of the work I do is working creatively with others with mental illness to empower them. Whilst I share compassion with them I realised that I don’t give compassion to myself and I deflect emotionally. Yesterday was the first time in a long long time that I checked in with my emotional core and allowed myself to be present and be kind to myself in the moment so i’d like to say a huge thank you. Even in just a short period of time the exercises Paul and Claire guided us through and their whole approach to the session truly resonated with me in a meaningful and powerful way. And a massive thank you to you Trace for this morning, you are flipping dipping awesome. Please may you consider me in any of your projects or links with Fallen Angels. I would drop everything to do it.


I just wanted to say, thank you so much for today’s session. It was really beautiful! Good for the soul.


It was amazing and so inspiring to hear about the work of FADT!


I thoroughly enjoyed the session immensely. Currently in a bad place myself struggling with grief due to covid – 19. It was so nice to set aside to switch off and connect with my body again. I also loved the linguistics of your teaching and feel it was beneficial for me to use in my own teaching as classes return. There will be so much anxiety from the students and myself as a teacher so it is so important to check in. I also have a drama student who has developed an eating disorder through lockdown so being in touch with you and how you run your sessions was really insightful and helpful for me. Diolch


Thank you so much, I got a lot out of today. It made me realise how much I was neglecting myself and I felt very emotional after the improv, and so many of us did as we heard! I needed some time out after just to process it all and I think if I’d tried to speak in that moment I would have just blubbed! So I was glad others were able to vocalise what I was feeling. I thought it really remarkable for us all to have that response with such a short space of time and not the usual build up to the session that Paul and Claire would usually have. It definitely didn’t feel like a screen like you said.


The personal approach Claire and Paul have works so well for the CPD to immerse ourselves in the company experience and to understand where it all started.


Just want to say massive thank you to both Paul and Claire!!


Thank you again for the opportunity. Paul’s sessions are always amazing.


I would just like to thank them for a beautiful session, engaging and human. I felt so free, vulnerable and emotional during the practical element. I have found lockdown quite hard and as practitioners we forget sometimes about our own mental health, so for me it’s been about discovering how I deal with mine and am still figuring that out. I would love to work more closely with you in the future as my practice is inclusive and not about technical learning, and I am being drawn more and more to developing the movement and language that accompanies that.


That’s what I love about Paul he allows you to let your guard down and not feel like you have to be ‘professional’ all the time.


Trace thanks so much for today – I love, love loved it!


Tracey I loved today – thank you! It was very inspiring and felt so amazing to do some movement for myself. Thank you.


I booked this CPD as some self care but it has given me the bug for community arts again and for the first time I could see the parallels between my dance degree and the therapy work I do now. We contract, we connect, we co-curate and we empower. I wish, wish, wish there was a Fallen Angels Dance Theatre in Wales but as always so grateful to Rubicon.


Just thinking back to it has got me a little emotional! Was just so needed.


To Paul & Claire, & Tracey for organising! Thank you so so so much for a wonderful CPD!!! I honestly can’t tell you how amazing it was to be a part of! For myself both personally and professionally, i took away so so much & I really appreciate you sharing your story and giving your time to us. I have been on all of the CPDs with Paul at Rubicon, each time in awe of the work you do, but this time really struck a chord with me. I thought important to let you know that i really felt so connected & emotional at times through the zoom session. Took me by surprise that I was able to feel that through zoom! Your skills and experience enabled that, you lead it brilliantly, clear yet no pressure, the way in which you spoke I felt confident to do what you were asking of us. There was an instant trust! It was like a warm hug when you need it. You’ve absolutely ignited that passion I have to help people through dance and I can’t thank you enough. My own struggles have got in the way lately but that cpd just gave me that focus I needed! Thank you so much again both and take care! X


This morning let me speechless. The openness and the vulnerability of the group today overwhelmed me. The past couple of years I have struggled with a lot of anxiety, which led me to drastic life changes and a lot of hurt. Ive been drenched in Circus the past three years, but have missed being in the dance world so very much. This morning opened a whole new door for me. Paul and Clare are amazing their openness, knowledge, humour and sensitivity create sure a safe space for every single person. I liked what Paul said about bringing the dark to light. Beautiful. I would love to work with Paul and Clare. And especially like to dance. Thank you for the bottom of my heart ?


Professional Development workshop at Rubicon Dance:

Thursday February 23rd 2017

Led by Paul Bayes Kitcher:


What the dance artists said:

How lovely to move and be moved through a process which allowed for deep exploration of self in a safe environment and within a secure structure.  I loved the opportunity to dance for myself as a reflection tool both on myself (emotional and physical) and to join with others to share meaningful movement.  Paul was very generous with sharing his difficult personal history and his healing journey through dance.  This gift allowed honesty in my/our responses throughout the day. He also challenged me to reframe my prejudices on and impatience with addiction which I acknowledge are there.  Recognising addicts and particularly those in recovery as vulnerable.   I know I am not there yet!!


Thank you Paul for your courage and inspiration and I hope you can continue with this important work long into the future.


The training day with Paul Kitcher was inspiring, motivating, energetic, supportive and informative. I have taken away new channels to access movement, various approaches for choreography, adopted new methods for creating a calm and supportive atmosphere to name a few. I am fascinated by the work of Fallen Angels and believe that the ideologies being practiced can be transferred to a variety of ages and abilities. We all know how vital it is to know your learners to set up sessions to create, guide and support in a way that is best for them, to enable and optimise progression. Hearing stories, sharing ideas and watching interviews with Paul and his company demonstrate how effective these actions are. Paul was very relaxed and encouraging throughout the day upon entering the room he makes you feel at ease and welcomed. Entering a training day or development workshop can be anxiety inducing for many; Paul has a kind and caring nature that is noticeable from the offset.


What a great day! So inspiring. Interesting workshop ideas that could be used when working with many different groups. Wonderfully organised day!


Would be great to work with Paul again. Maybe meeting some members of the company too. To see a production would be amazing!


Thanks for a wonderful CPD day.


Paul has the ability to deliver a welcoming, non-judgemental inspirational workshop and every time I experience these workshops it has made me more expressive as Contemporary isn’t my most comfortable style so he has a great gift to encourage this side of you to be released. Again fantastic day and very inspirational!


Paul is totally inspirational and there is a huge respect for his work here in Wales.  The next steps would be to bring him down for longer (possibly an Easter Intensive) and beyond that one of his recovery groups and/or his main company to Wales.  As far as I know there is nothing like FADT in Wales so there is a need for this area of work.


Paul’s workshop was wonderful, such a pleasure to get to dance all day! It was so skillfully held together by Paul, in a way that made it relevant to all the very different backgrounds and ways of working of all the dancers in the room. Although the day was based around Paul’s work and the specific groups he works with, it actually felt like it was relevant to working with all kinds of different groups.


When i arrived i wasn’t sure what to expect, because i had never heard of Paul or Fallen Angels before, but no matter what id still give 100% into the day, when we started i was very thankful of the fact Paul took time to explain to us all who he was and what was Fallen Angles, also was very thankful for the video that was shown, by doing this it helped me a lot to understand a little into how they see/feel things and how they show that through dancing. We started with a warm up it looked pretty simple but it did get the majority in the room out of breath, i liked how we’d re do the same warm up but then there was a little add on each time.


After the warm up we did some corner things and I did panic a little because id only been to college to study dance and everyone else almost had gone to uni so i knew they’d be better in a way but i wasn’t going to let that get in the way, I tried my best and that’s all you can do really, i loved how he’d teach us the corner work because he was calm and chilled so it didn’t make me feel under pressure when doing it.


By doing partner work with the poem it was nice to be able to work and meet new people but also it was interesting to see how others interpret the same poem as us. the poem that was chosen was lovely it told a story and could definitely see that. I loved seeing everyone’s work and it was a good challenge by telling us not to move around to keep grounded. Also the choreography work in the afternoon was really nice, working with ‘hitting the wall’ and for me it was more of how to use your body and not to just act it in a way, it was if you did hit the wall what would happen to your body, so that was interesting for me because that is something I’ve struggled with learning to separate the doing to the ‘acting doing’.


Overall the day was just brilliant to think I wasn’t expecting much i learned a whole lot and will defiantly be looking more into the Fallen Angles Theatre Company, and Paul, I was amazed, motivated and inspired by Paul, and also I loved just having a good dance session with all the other lovely community dance artists.


Diolch yn fawr iawn/Thank you very much


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