“Sweaty Betty” launches collection in support of Fallen Angels

We are really excited to be in partnership with International women’s active wear brand “Sweaty Betty” to celebrate International Women’s Day through their campaign Support Women Support the World.

Sweaty Betty have designed a limited edition collection, consisting of a sweatshirt, t-shirt and vest emblazoned with Sweaty Betty’s slogan; Support Women, Support The World. £10 from the sale of each top in the collection will be donated to Fallen Angels Dance Theatre alongside charity Ditch the Label. Comprising of four limited edition pieces, the collection consists of a sweatshirt, t-shirt and vest emblazoned with Sweaty Betty’s slogan; Support Women, Support The World.

After over twenty years of empowering women through fitness and beyond, Sweaty Betty are excited to unveil a limited edition collection designed to celebrate women, show support for and find strength in sisterhood. Building on their 2019 manifesto and diverse January campaign featuring models of all ages, the brand continue their female empowerment mission with an exclusive collection for International Women’s Day.

‘We created this collection to celebrate strong and powerful women worldwide, so we are so excited to empower women through these charity partnerships’, reflects Sweaty Betty Founder and Creative Director Tamara Hill-Norton. Handpicked in collaboration with two of the brands ambassadors Sophie Apollonia and Mia Kang. ‘One of the main rules we live by is to find strength in sisterhood and be kind to each other’ says Tamara, ‘these charities completely resonate with our brand mission so I am very excited to work together’.

This has come at the perfect time for Fallen Angels Dance Theatre as they embark on a number of activities also to celebrate International Women’s Day. They will be performing in Chester Women’s Aid event for International Women’s Day in the City Centre on 9th March, featured in the line up at Storyhouse Women Festival on Saturday 27th April, where they will launch their first women’s focussed project.

“We are so excited to be in partnership with Sweaty Betty: sharing the same values and ethos means that we are stronger together in our aim to make positive, active, healthy changes in people’s lives. Our Angels are thrilled to be Sweaty Betty’s first charity and are prepared for the empowerment and new opportunities that this partnership will create!” says Claire, Fallen Angels Dance Theatre.