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Fallen Angels Dance Theatre was founded in 2011 by Professional Dance Artists Paul Bayes Kitcher and Claire Morris. Paul himself in recovery, a former soloist at Birmingham Royal Ballet, began working in rehabilitation settings in 2009.

Photo credit: Jazamin Sinclair

Since then we have been instrumental in supporting 459 individuals through our participatory workshops. We are currently delivering in 3 communities across, Liverpool Merseyside, Chester Cheshire, Leigh Greater Manchester. We have built our reach and reputation for providing a structured programme of dance workshops for people in recovery from addiction/mental health challenges and developed a participant-led practice where they become collaborators in the art that we make.

The story that defined FADT’s creative process:

In 2011 a client in a drug rehabilitation centre who had just been released from prison painted an outstanding expression called “Sacrifice”, the image symbolises the death of oneself and rebirth, which you have to go through in order to recover. This was used as a stimulus with the clients to interpret the painting through writing. The writing then became a stimulus for movement. It was the same process that fed directly into the research for the Fallen Angels professional dance artists to create material. IMG_0130

The following week I took the video footage of the dancers into the rehab setting and the client mentioned earlier broke down in tears when viewing the footage, it had an overwhelming effect on him and he said it was “absolutely stunning” the other clients in the session were also really moved by the experience and could not believe that we could or would choreograph something about their journeys.

Working with addicts hearing their testimonies and how they interpret this through dance is an integral part of our work which then in turn feeds into the participatory work. That is why audience members watching Fallen Angels Dance Theatre will see real lives unfold giving a poignant, touching experience.

“It is a real gift to be able to demonstrate with your whole being your journey from the depths of hell to the path of recovery”.

Paul Bayes Kitcher


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