Leigh group get creative in the art gallery..

Our project group in Leigh have started their project at the Turnpike in Leigh town centre this week. “Expression Leigh” have come together having participated in projects led by Fallen Angels. With funding from Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles and support from the Turnpike and Trust in Leigh The group are keen for others to get involved.

Leigh project at the Turnpike

Leigh project at the Turnpike

The group describe their activity as movement in recovery. “If I was to say to people you’re dancing I would clear the room!” Says Paul from Fallen Angels “we start by exploring people’s stories of recovery and addiction then see how that can be expressed through movement” ” I would describe it more like drama, and tai chi, it’s an opportunity for people to express themselves without having to talk about it, it can be very therapeutic”.

It’s not all serious though the group have lots of fun and laughter and are invited to join Fallen Angels for performances and events.

We are looking for people who are creative in recovery who would like to come along and experience a workshop. A fun, friendly group and an opportunity to explore your creativity in a very inspiring venue.