Kelly’s Journey


“In the last year I had gone through a really bad depression, which led to me going through the mental health system, but through that I realised a lot of my problems stemmed from 6 years earlier when I had come into recovery. I had dealt with the physical addiction, but never dealt with the problems that surrounded it, just carried on.

Then I started to talk to fallen angels and chester plus and this seemed like the right path to go to at the time.

Up until recently my life consisted of taking my kids to school, doing the shopping and I was a hermit at home. I didn’t go out anywhere, I didn’t do anything. So just coming to Fallen Angels first of all got me out of the house doing things, and then opened up other opportunities, to see what’s around and has made me think where I want to be.


The workshops have let me express my fears and things that have happened in the past through dance. Last week got to me a lot the dance we are doing has challenged me but Im enjoying it as well. I finished the dance, dropped to the floor and burst out crying. Paul came over to see if I was ok and I explained it had closes another chapter for me, closes it in a good way, that it’s not going to seep out of a box and cause any more problems.

I had dealt with my addiction on my own, other peoples experiences and building up relationships, finding out that other people have gone through similar, really helps.

Now my life is very busy, workshops, performances, involved with Chester Plus- volunteering and becoming a trustee, and Cheshire Recovery Federation planning a recovery walk, and other opportunities. A couple of weeks ago I met some people in recovery in manchester and just decided to go to their event in manchester where I met another group of people in recovery and had another new positive experience. My friends and family network has grown so much.

I talk to my older children now about my addictions and past, they want to come on the recovery walk with me to support me, and back home in Bristol, I’m building stronger relations with my brother and of course my husband. He is encouraging me, we are talking a lot more, it’s made me talk a lot more I’m not hiding my emotions I tell what I feel, it’s really good.”

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