Empowering Women through Dance

Image credit: Dylan Scillia

Fallen Angels Dance Theatre will be embarking on a new Women’s project this month “Empowering Women through Dance” with the aim of supporting local women to build confidence and friendship through dance. The project is made possible through funding from Cheshire Community Foundation and the Tampon Tax Fund. This marks the second Women’s focused project for the Dance Theatre organisation and the first time they will work in partnership with Chester Sexual Abuse Support Service (CSASS).

This project has come about through consultation with local women already accessing projects with Fallen Angels.  Women are keen to develop their confidence and self-esteem.  Director of Fallen Angels said, “The overriding theme that comes up time and again for women in recovery is confidence, self-belief, not feeling that they are as worthy as men”. 

Fallen Angels will support 12 women survivors through the project. Participants may have experienced recovery from addiction, sexual violence and mental health problems.  Fallen Angels is excited by the new development of working in partnership with the CSASS together “we will explore stories about survivors and recovery. We will draw strength from one another becoming empowered and confident women.” Says Claire Morris Project Manager

CSASS are delighted to be part of this innovative and exciting project. The links between addiction, mental health and sexual abuse makes an obvious partnership. Kathryn Kirk, the Outreach Manager for CSASS said, “the healing potential of mindfulness and creative movement used in this project for women who have been raped or sexually abused is a powerful one.  We are looking forward to learning from Fallen Angels hugely successful work”.   

Image credit: Andrew Millar