Beautifully Broken

Have you ever stepped into a place you’ve never been before, noticed a huddle of people in the corner chatting away? They stop as you walk in and look over? The most awkward of eye contact. Then the small talk begins, the ‘Hi, my name is’ over and over again. The hollow ‘how are you’ and ‘where are you from’ conversation. Many placements and new jobs feel like this on that first day.

But Fallen Angels was different. I was greeted with smiles, hugs and genuine conversation. I was greeted by everyone, embraced and welcomed. Almost instantly I felt part of the furniture, a part of the family. Valued.

Being a part of the Fallen Angels family has been an adventure of joy and discovery. One thing I admire is the authenticity of the group, the genuine concern for each other, and the love each member has for one another. There’s been times when I have been shocked at the stories, real life stories, which I’ve heard and heartbroken at watching those stories danced into motion. The most raw of emotion. The tears, the laughs, the dances. Each person dancing, sharing their story amongst others. To dance one joyous song, a journey of recovery, in support of all those in recovery.. everywhere.

A beautiful collaboration of genuine people, with real, raw stories to tell.

During my time with Fallen Angels, I was given the opportunity to dance alongside 7 others for the Queen and the Duchess of Sussex, representing them and all those who are supported and represented by them. Honoured.. Privileged.. Understatements. The lift in this dance particularly stood out. ‘Beautifully broken’ were the words Paul used. There’s something beautiful about being broken and something powerful and emotional in sharing that. Being a placement student with Fallen Angels has opened my eyes and deepened my understanding into what it means to be beautifully broken and I rejoice in knowing that I have shared this journey with those whom Fallen Angels support.

I will never forget the raw emotion poured into each dance by each member and the love, kindness and support they each showed. The work of Fallen Angels is inspirational and I leave as a placement student with invaluable experience and understanding, taking away more than I could have ever imagined.