Danielle talks about joining Fallen Angels in her role as Engagement Support Worker.

First of all, I give a great big Congratulations! to Paul and Claire for creating this opportunity and achieving the funding, which will help Fallen Angels Dance Theatre (FADT) to expand in such a big way. I feel joy that FADT has grown so much that we now can have an Engagement Worker to help develop an even deeper bond amongst our groups and out to the community. I am proud of FADT, everyone who has helped you and the impact you’ve made.

Danielle, FADT Engagement Support Worker with Claire, Executive Director and Paul, Artistic Director.

I’m overjoyed to join FADT in helping our “Beneficiaries” to receive even more help and create opportunities for others to join, while at the same time bringing home an ever-improving quality for those who are with us. I love recovery and have loved working with people through my 25 years in social care specialising in mental health for the last 10 years.

As a previous Dancer with FADT I experienced the difference the arts can make to changing lives. Music, art, dance, drama and any creativity can be a beautiful outlet for expression in ways that sometimes other mediums cannot reach. Dance and art make us feel worthwhile and can be a great complement or pathway to recovery. It helps work through feelings, heal issues and I love the lasting pieces of work we can take pride in.

FADT is a company that possesses all the traits I value in a loving team and I have shared my gratitude often with my sibling “Angels” and our Leaders, Paul and Claire. I love how they empower the Dancers to grow within themselves and into leading roles like our Supporting Angels.

I’m thrilled to be in a position where I can walk with each of our Angels to overcome any difficulties that may make it hard to take part in the activities, while at the same time supporting each of us to find every means to help achieve our absolute best recovery. Being a part of FADT in this way is beyond my wildest dreams and I am so grateful. Thank you FADT and for the lovely welcome I’ve had from everyone into my new role. I love FADT! {\o/}

Danielle Larkin – Engagement Support Worker at FADT